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In 2021, I placed the final sentence in my first novel, The Magic of Small Town Apple Cake. I am so proud to present it to you here where you can download it to your Kindle or read on your phone/computer. It’s the culmination of many days turning up at the notorious blank page to write my daily allocation of 1000 words. The days and seasons turned, the sun shone, rain pelted down the windows, much chocolate was demolished and after more time than I can count (or want to remember)… I had a book.

It was a major undertaking to write, books really are, and I so hope you enjoy reading it. It was inspired by the multiple visits I’ve made to the Pacific Northwest US. I couldn’t just leave and run, those little towns touched my heart and the scenery is breathtaking. It seemed a corner of the world demanding its own book, full of magic and hope, so I took on the challenge and wrote it. The beautiful cover art was created by my incredibly talented artist friend, Jo Dixon.

The Magic of Small Town Apple Cake

What is it like to have a gift? A gift that you have inherited? A gift that seems to brighten the whole world, crumb by glorious crumb?

Welcome to White River, Oregon (population 198), with its pear trees and chocolate cake, and the most wonderful undiscovered treasure of a bakery.

Faye Kruklinski seems to have the gift of baking, producing the most sensational and magical of cakes in her sweet little bakery on Main Street, where she lives with her sparkly eight year old daughter, Lori. Here, chocolate latte slices, friendship and memories abound, but things are not quite as they seem… Faye is restless, mourning the tragic loss of her husband, and wondering if the magic in the cakes is really her magic to share. This winter, she will find out, when the bakery is visited by a film producer who wants to make her, her cakes and her daughter, shining stars in the food firmament. It is a winter when Faye will be confronted by unexpected change, and the magic that is available, not just in cakes, but in every day, everywhere.

I really think that cake, hope and happiness is a perfect prescription for the current world we find ourselves in, and if you enjoy gentle uplifting stories, then you might enjoy it too.

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NEW BOOK!!! I am currently working on a new book about the sea, inspired by my regular excursions to the beautiful Yorkshire coast. I’m aiming for it to be available for download in Spring 2023. Us writers often have long lead-times! Please sign up for my newsletter to find out more about my research trips, writing days, and for general wordy camaraderie. I love to connect with my readers and everyone who loves telling tales. Thank-you so much for your ongoing support! xx