Anything but writing

Yes, anything. Gazing out of the window, eating pistachios, making videos for absent friends, listening to a podcast, making tea, having a long lunch, looking dreamily out the window (different to gqzing), opening parcels, hanging laundry, doing the washing up, packing a bag, listening out for the doorbell (yet another parcel delivery), looking in my diary, nipping to the loo, waving to a neighbour, Whatsapping a friend, emailing my mother, ironing, going for a walk, going for a run, reading a book, early to bed, a lie in, making a cake, cooking dinner, wrapping parcels, meeting a friend, a long bath, washing my hair, hoping, thinking, going into the loft to find a packed away sweater, watching iplayer, booking a course, having a cry, afternoon yoga, sorting out a drawer… IT JUST GOES ON. Did you see ‘writing’ in there anywhere? Well, no…. I’m a writer who is really a professional pistachio eater/curtain twitcher/tea maker and baker apparently. 

Maybe this will resonate with you? You are not alone!

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